Movement Disorders Groningen provides scientific research, tertiary clinical care and education about neurological movement disorders in children and adults in the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) in the Netherlands. We are a unique group of clinicians and researchers who focus on excellent clinical care that is closely tied to advanced scientific research.

“Clinical research helps us improve our patient care.”
Professor M.A.J. de Koning-Tijssen, PhD | Neurologist, UMCG, Groningen
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Our tertiary expertise centre gets national and European referrals for both children and adult patients. Our group consists of specialists with extensive clinical expertise, allowing us to cover the entire domain of movement disorders for tertiary clinical care.

Our scientific work ranges from clinical to fundamental research. Main topics are improving diagnostics, for example through detailed phenotyping, and investigating the value of further examinations. We focus not only on the motor symptoms of patients, but also on their cognitive problems. 

In collaboration with the neurosurgery department, we investigate how deep brain stimulation (DBS) can be used to improve the treatment of movement disorders.

Our translational studies combine clinical activities with functional and fundamental scientific research. The Movement Disorders group in the UMCG has a long history of functional imaging and neurophysiological examinations. In recent years, neurogenetics and cell biology research have also become very important. We are convinced that increasing our knowledge in these areas can strongly improve diagnostics and treatment for our patients.

This website provides information about our team members, our scientific research programmes and ongoing studies, and about our various outpatient clinics and multidisciplinary teams. Here, you will find information about internships, such as the clinical movement disorders internships for neurologists in training. You will also find useful links to, for instance, to the Parkinson Society and the Dutch Patient Society for Dystonia.


International conference on tremor in Budapest

On 10 and 11 November an international congress on Tremor took place in Budapest, Hungary.  Several lectures were given concerning the origin, clinical characteristics and treatment of different types of tremor.

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Three UMCG-presentations at the scientific meeting of the NVN

Last week, three PhD-researchers from our department, Robbert Borgemeester, Gerrit Kramer and Jeannette Gelauff gave a presentation of their work at the scientific meeting of the Dutch Neurologist Association (NVN).

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Neuromodulation Symposium 

This year, the DBS team of Movement Disorders Groningen was allowed to organise the symposium of the neuroscience graduate school of the UMCG (BCN) that took place on October 12.

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